pascalparisaptWe, at Liscot Enterprises, feel it is our job as art publishers to clarify the differences between two important limited edition mediums: the serigraph and the off-set lithograph. Our main objective is to create fine quality graphics at affordable prices. To ensure the fine quality of our graphics we make frequent visits to our printer, together with our artists. The savings we obtain from superior quality is passed on to our clients to make both the off-set lithographs and serigraphs affordable.

The the serigraph is a silkscreen process where each color is hand-separated and hand-pulled taking several months to complete. Our editions consist of: the main series which is printed with between 62 and 82 colors on 100% archival rag paper; and the deluxe edition which is silk-screened on canvas and then hand-touched by the artist. Before our artist, Pascal, hand-touches the deluxe serigraphs, she makes certain the graphic has similar depth and color as the original. Then, one by one, she hand-touches all the deluxe serigraphs, thus providing a build up of paint similar to that seen on an original.

Upon the completion of each limited edition series the artist then hand-signs and numbers each graphic. Since Liscot Enterprises is concerned with the quality of our product, the best paper available is used: serigraphs are printed on Westwinds 100% archival paper. By emphasizing quality and affordability throughout the printing of each limited edition print we provide our clients with a beautiful work of art at an affordable price. A Certificate of Authenticity is included with each image.

Liscot Enterprises
Los Angeles, CA, USA

Pascal, world renowned and internationally collected glass sculptor and Impressionist painter

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Liscot Enterprises is the Publisher and Exclusive Licensee for Pascal