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pascalsculpPascal is the only artist in the world who sculpts in glass with hammer and chisel, garnering world acclaim for her creation of a new art form. Pascal was greatly intrigued and beguiled by the fourth dimension of glass, and so began her search to find glass that could withstand the pressure of hammer and chisel.

Deep within the dark recesses of an old, abandoned Pennsylvania glass mine Pascal discovered a medium that would propel her to the top of the art world.Before the limited edition art-to-wear Collection, only private collectors of Pascal’s original works were privileged to commission the artist for an original art-to-wear piece. Liscot Enterprises, Publisher and Exclusive Licensee of Pascal’s limited edition Collections (lithographs and serigraphs are also included), has made Pascal’s work affordable, and thus available to a wider audience.

There are thirteen sculptures in the Collection consisting of horses, cats and exquisite ladies captured in clear crystal as well as various colors among which are amethyst, blue and aquamarine. There is an original of every piece from which a mold is made. The molten crystal is then poured into the mold where the heat allows the sculpture to be created. Evident in every sculpture are the “chisel marks” which are unique to all Pascal’s original glass works. Hand finishing refines the finished sculpture. Each sculpture is individually hand jeweled with a design by Pascal, bedecked with fourteen carat gold, and Swarovski gemstones, and arrives packaged with a neckwire and verde marble stand allowing the piece to be worn, or displayed as an objet d’art. The sculptures are signed and numbered and are accompanied with a limited edition Certificate of Authenticity.

Pascal is a well-established artist with collectors and collections throughout the World. The Corcoran Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C. acquired over 100 works of art, which has been in their permanent Collection for 20 years. In fact, three limited edition art-to-wear sculptures are in this Collection ( Blue Cat, Girl with Diamonds and Circus Horse). This demonstrates Pascal’s prestige and importance in the art world.


Liscot Enterprises
Los Angeles, CA, USA

Pascal, world renowned and internationally collected glass sculptor and Impressionist painter

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Liscot Enterprises is the Publisher and Exclusive Licensee for Pascal